As a buyer for XYZ retail store (name your store) you will choose a classification of
merchandise that you will buy. – You will decide your store location and the type of
store it will be. This information will be backed up by documented valid research and
trendinformation- – Assume you have an OTB of $965,750 at retail to spend to stock
your store. – This OTB money will be for the spring season, which will encompass Feb,
March, April, May, June and July of 2018- This written portion of the project will be a
minimun of three typed dmble space pages. In it, you will cite the research material
used to choose this type of store, its customer demogaphic and its location- You will
also describe the reasons why you chose your specific product classification. Part B.
(3096) Using the figures provided you will calculate the following for your store. Show
this work on an Excel spreadsheet in traditional OTB grid format. 1. Open to buy for
each month 2- Average monthly sales 3. Average monthly on order 4- Mark down 96 for
each month Planned sales + Planned reductions + Planned EOM Stock = Total
monthly needs – BOM Stock = Planned purchases – Merchandise on order = Open to
buy Planned Employee Monthly Sales Discount MD $ Shortages EOM BOM On Order
Feb $350,000 296 $52,500 1.596 $300,000 $300,000 $87,500 March $300,000 396
$45,000 296 $250,000 $300,000 $75,000 April $200,000 496 $30,000 296 $150,000
$250,000 $50,000 May $150,000 296 $22,500 596 $100,000 $150,000 $37,500 June
$100,000 296 $15,000 496 $ 75,000 $100,000 $25,000 July $125,000 396 $18,750 396
$100,000 $ 75,000 $31,250 Part C- (2096) Using an Excel Spreadsheet: – You will detail
your open to buy merchandise, down to the style level (not size) by month.’ – Units in
this spread sheet should yield the total OTB dollars by month and the total OTB of
$965,750. ‘When illustrating your style information, please be sure it is shown directly
after the three page discussion portion of the project with cost, (5096 mark up) and
retail listed for each. Part D- (1096) Solve the following: 1. After careful analysis of the
economic data from the U- 8. Government, the XYZ store set a sales plan increase for
the next years spring season (2019) of 9.796- Based on this years sales plan what is the
companies projected sales plan for the next season? 2- In the 2017 spring sales period
the XYZ store had actual sales of $1 ,130,000-00- What was the increase/decrease for
sales into 2018? Suggest reasons for the change from one season to the next- “Your
two spreadsheets should be set up so that the months run across the top


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