Rhetorical narrative essay on immigration

Write a narrative essay about is on immigration reform and the social and economic impact that it has brought to the U.S. This will lead back to the immigration reform act of 1986 but goes as far back to the 17th century. My main focus will be on immigrants’ importance in the U.S. helping build this country and how they can be better integrated in the U.S. by the government. My intended audience would be essentially the U.S Congress but also all society interested in a better change for immigrants. I believe this ties in with the global theme of this course as immigration goes back to the Great Wave between 1880 and 1920 where many southern and eastern immigrants arrived at the U.S. coming to seek greater economic opportunities. I was easily influenced by the injustices this country has placed on immigrants as well as personal experiences within my own family. My topic will be essay based and my research question is:

How can we work to facilitate the integration of immigrants and move forward with immigration policies to help better fit our economy and society overall?

I need help constructing a narrative essay. I believe that according to my topic interests it needs to include how the immigration reform has changed since 1986, giving historical background, the changes the U.S. has made since the 7th century, how immigrants were socially and economically integrated then and now and how can this be improved. What social or economic changes have led to immigration policies and how society as well as the current govemment and us can congress better integrate immigrants into our society.








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