Rising incidence of HIV&AIDS amongst people

Concept note

Rising incidence of HIV&AIDS amongst people


The raising number of infected People in Sierra Leona on raise. And that due to many reason such as Stigma and cultural beliefs preventing people at risk from HIV&AIDs from getting tested and treated, e.g. commercial sex workers, cross-border lorry drivers , Few people to access HIV specialized clinics and Low awareness amongst people of the HIVAIDS prevention, contraction, spread, treatment.

This solution to the problem should be carried out very quickly. Because the raising number of infections on raise and it is getting carried to the new generation. Which is a major factor to the poverty. And this infection is a serious threaten. Specially among the young men’s, when they are migrating between Freetown and the mining area of Kono , and cross-border lorry drivers.

An NGO’s called “Safe Salone “working in and around the Dovecot Market to raise awareness About the HV/AIDS.
Safe Salone carried out a survey that revealed most people heard of condoms, only about a quarter of sexually active adults had ever used them.
This applies to married people and those with multiple partners. Most people say they learn about HIV AIDS issues mainly from the radio. The government has only one health clinic on Dovecot

Post to the civil war (1998 and 1999) Many public buildings got destroyed including Hospitals, schools banks etc. which resulted in conflict between government forces, international peace keepers and rebels.

This result in a rare and poor access to medical access also which result in high rate of infections. Also due to the difficulties in getting a poor education


The Impact for long run is to have new virus free generation and prevent the infection to the the minimum and improve the health of the village people also, raise awareness.

The Outcome the rate of infected people with the virus HIVAIDS will be low. And people will be more careful in their sexual intercourse.

The Output

  1. Corporation between the local government and NGO’s to stop the spread the infections of the virus in the country
  2. Provide access to the health care centers (specialized clinic)
  3. Raise the awareness
  4. Provide condoms
    The activities of the project will be:
  5. Workshops to make the people more aware about the infections and the effects of the virus
  6. Partnerships between the local government, doners and NGO’s on building hospitals and clinics
  7. Involve the organization and institution

Well qualified trainers and health providers
Mothers and the leaders in the society

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