Risk Management

In particular search for RM plans for organizations like NASA, a municipality (city or county), a hospital, a business (retail, manufacturing, etc.), a bank or financial institution. (Note: some may be small, and some may be hundreds of pages long) 1. Pick two risk management plans to analyze and review. Identify them by URL, name and business (do not include them, attach them, or embed them in your report). 2. Summarize them briefly (about ‘A to one page each). 3. Assess them in terms of their organization, contents and completion. Highlight specific features of these plans that are particularly well done (about one page). 4. Then point out weaknesses or omissions, if any. (at least one page). 5. Explain why these plans are important or essential to the organizations you selected. (at least one page). 6. Summarize what you have learned from reviewing these examples of Risk Management Plans (at least one page).




Sample Solution