Tourism/Hospitality/Events/Foods Risk Report Report – individual
Written report. Submit a report, investigating and assessing a public company from a risk context. Students are to select a company (Guzman & Gomez Mexican Taqueria) and report on its associated risks based on an external assessment of a range of existing and potential risks identified, evaluated and discussed.
Students MUST ensure that they have listed their public company
The written report must be in SEVEN PARTS and have both a written and oral structure. Students MUST ENSURE that they have also identified any legal issues that accrue to the company – this must also include supporting evidence and references of identified legislation and other legal matters relevant to the business.
The structure of the report is as follows:
(i) Cover page
(i) Contents page
(i) List of figures, diagrams, tables or other items
Part 1:- Executive Statement/Summary
An overview of the report: including the overall findings (risk culture scale level) and any recommendations or conclusions.

Word range – 100-200
Part 2:- Company Overview
A description of the company including
• • location of business and operating scope
• • business mix, operating hours
• • company size/share price value/profitability record over last 5 years
• • key shareholders/governance structure
• • number of employees
• • established date (years in business)
• • competitive environment – low/medium/high
• • Other relevant information
Word range – 200-300
Part 3:- Key Stakeholders: briefly discuss links and relationships between relevant stakeholders. The stakeholder relationships of the company must be shown in a model or diagram format emphasising primary, secondary or tertiary levels – or other stakeholder structure e.g. near/far, major/minor, internal/external, important/unimportant/ key/peripheral and with an accompanying brief description of the model and with clear labels and titles shown on the diagram or model.
Include in this section the following items:
•A stakeholder map (oral component 1) Word range – 100-300
Part 4:- Findings/Results Section. In Part 4, the report findings are discussed. This will include the identification, analysis and evaluation of risks associated with the company (minimum of 20 to be included and to incorporate the PESOTEL risk categories) and must be included in a risk identification model. Based on the findings of the assessed risks, any gaps and/or opportunities are identified. The top ten risks are also given and briefly discussed (oral component .).
Include in this section the following items:
• • Risk model showing minimum of 20 risks and the degree of influence of each risk and with examples of risks using the PESOTEL framework (oral component 2)
• • Diagram of the top ten risks (oral component 3)
• • Radar diagram with at least 7 identified criteria relating to your analysis (oral
component 4)
Note: Ensure that you have described and evaluated the risk environment of the company based on what you have identified by observation and what you have learnt through the subject content relating to this particular company. Ensure that you clearly: identify the key risks, applying the PESTOEL framework and including risks you think pertain to that company; show how they are currently managed (where possible). Word range – 300-500
Part 5:- Report Conclusion. In Part 5, the report conclusion is outlined based on Parts 1 – 4.
Include in this section the following items:

•Risk culture scale (oral component 5) – showing the extent (low 0 -100 high) of the risk ‘culture’ of the company. High equates to low risk exposure and a low risk culture score to a poor or negative risk culture to the company. Be sure to identify and discuss any ‘quality, delivery gaps’ based on your findings.
Word range – 100-200
Part 6: Oral presentation consisting of the following information and presentation outline: Briefly
1. Introduceyourselfandthecompanyyouhavechosenandwhy
2. Stakeholder diagram – outline/discuss
3. Company risk model – outlining minimum of 20 risks
4. Top 10 company risks based on your analysis
5. Risk radar identifying and assessing at least 7 key criteria
6. Company risk culture scale diagram – outline/discuss
7. Discuss briefly whether or not you would invest in this company and why
In your oral presentation you are to review and discuss the above seven elements. Students should not take more than 10 minutes. Questions and discussion will follow the presentation.
The oral presentation is worth 10% of the total report mark (30%).
Part 7:- References – minimum of twenty references including legal references.
Additional references can be found at the following locations:
IBIS Reports
World Economic Forum. (2018). Global risks 2018. Twelfth Edition: Weeks 1-12 (Political/Sociological/Environmental/Technological/Economic)
World Economic Forum. (2016). The Global Information Technology Report 2016. Geneva, WEF

Very good understanding of relevant concepts
No factual errors
Definite, clear and purposeful understanding of the topic
Adds to the conversation and discussion of the topic
Excellent examples given of individual and original thinking
Excellent identification and analysis
Comprehensive and accurate analysis of significant legislative and common law provisions of statutes and/or case law examples

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