Roadkill/Reading Response

Watch Roadkill (Bruce McDonald, 1989) (available on Kanopy, and via course reserves), then write a concise
critical response (150-200 words, excluding works cited) linking the reading(s) for this week (Leach, Altman) to
this film. (See general course documents for more detailed instructions on reading response assignments).
Prompts (optional):
Leach describes Roadkill as drawing on a mixture of genres. Do you agree? Does this film strike you more like a
road movie or another genre? Why?
As a Canadian film, does Roadkill differ from Hollywood examples of the road movie? How does it be national
Does context inflect the genre?
Leach describes Roadkill as being influenced by Canada’s documentary tradition. Do you agree? Why?
Do you tend to agree with the parallels Altman draws between genres and nations? Discuss with reference to

Sample Solution