Roger’s Major write up

Basically, consider between 5+/-2 options. Structure them, as far as possible to be mutually exclusive. List short-term and long-term options separately. Evaluate the pros/cons of each and choose one clear option for recommendation. Highlighting the chosen recommendation/s in yellow is a good idea.
Here are the discussion questions and instructions for the case:
Present your analysis as a short one to two page summary accompanied by the following exhibits. This summary should include your recommendations to Roger’s Chocolates and a short statement of your key learnings from the case.
Exhibit 1: Time line of Roger’s Chocolates. (Brief)
Exhibit 2: PESTEL analysis of relevance to chocolate manufacturers.
Exhibit 3: 5 forces analysis of the chocolates industry and/or the premium chocolates industry. (Brief)
Exhibit 4: A VRIO analysis of Roger’s Chocolates in table format listing several key tangible and intangible resources of the company and assessing them systematically using the V, R, I, O criteria.
Exhibit 5: A SWOT analysis of Rogers in 4 cell format.
Exhibit 6: An evaluation of 3 to 5 strategic options Roger’s can implement, based on the above analysis, briefly discussing their pros and cons in table format.

Sample Solution