Role as a Teacher-Leader or Teacher-Researcher?

Initial Post: Post an initial response that addresses the following areas: Read Phelps’ (2008) article titled -Helping teachers become leaders.” In this discussion forum, you will reflect upon your own leadership skills. Choose one of these options (You can respond to both and/or synthesize your thinking around both concepts in order to further advance your thinking):
Option A:According to Danielson’s framework (as cited in Phelps, 2008), what are the three areas of teacher-leaders’ influence? For each area, describe capacity. Which area do you see as your strength and why? Which area is your weakest and why? Option B:According to Lieberman and Miller (as cited in Phelps, 2008), what are the three main roles of teacher/educational-leader? For each role, descr leadership capacity. Which role fits you the best and why? Which role is most foreign to you and why?
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