Roman Civilization

Discuss and analyze exemplary figures from ancient primary sources on the Romans.
For this term paper on exemplary, choose at least three legendary/historical figures who appear or are discussed in ancient primary sources in the Oxford Anthology of Roman Literature, by at least three different ancient authors. The figures may be both Roman and non-Roman; they should be from various eras of Roman history or legend. Compare and contrast these figures in the ways they are exemplary. You probably will want to anchor your discussion by focusing on figures of a specific type, such as leaders or political figures, or women. Try to develop a subtle and interesting argument; consider also the various aims of the authors. Include a thesis statement at the beginning of our paper, setting out your argument, and specific evidence from the ancient sources, in the form of page citations from the Oxford Anthology of Roman Literature [example: (OARL 483) ] for each of your examples, and maybe also quotations from the same text; avoid lengthy quotations.

Sample Solution