Rules of how to deal with trolley problems from now on.

Pretend that you and the rest of the class get together to decide the rules of how to deal with trolley problems from now on. You know that it’s 100% likely that some of you will be in these scenarios in the future. You have a statistically 5/8ths chance to be on the bottom track, 1/8ths on the top, 1/8ths to pull the lever, and 1/8ths to be the trolley driver. Since everyone is primarily concerned about protecting themselves and their loved ones, Rawls wants to know what is a fair rule to which everyone can agree? Do you require people to pull the lever every time, even on their spouses, children, parents, etc.? Do you think it’s even moral to pull the lever on a loved one? Would you be morally ok with being crushed with 4 others because the person on the top track was family to the lever-puller?As you answer the above questions, focus on this question: Is it moral to have special people in your life, or must we approach ethical decisions without emotion or regard to those special people?

Sample Solution