In the case of your business, a person or a business could become your customers if they:
● ___
● ___
● ___
If we talk to 100 potential customers that fit those requirements, suppose we find that the
majority of them are customers that more specifically:

Would you consider using inbound marketing, outbound marketing or both and why?
Provide at least 3 different marketing methods that you would create/use based on your answer
above and elaborate in details on one of them.
Describe the infrastructure you would use for your marketing automation.
To move to the opportunities step, a lead for your business must:
● ___
● ___
● ___
How would an SDR function in your company to sell your product or service:
List the top 3 objections that you think your opportunities will have to not become customers and
explain how you will address each one of them.
● ___
● ___
● ___
Part 2: Channels for Growth
Choose three of the 19 Channels for Growth that best fit your business type and operation. In a
clear and detailed way provide a one paragraph explanation on how you will each channel to
generate a sale. (do not exceed 1 page for all 3 channels.) This question is inspired by Traction
Trumps Everything




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