Sales management

1.(a) What factors might persuade a successful salesperson to turn down a promotion into sales management? Why might that person make such a choice, and why might it prove to be the preferable option?

(b) If your company needed salespeople in the field immediately and couldn’t take the time to put new employees through the trainee phase, what steps could you take to bring those new salespeople up to speed quickly? What risks would you be taking in the process?

2.You’re under a great deal of pressure to produce sales results. One of your long-time customers is considering a purchase from your company, but she’s not aware that a competitor has a product that would meet her needs more fully. You know about that competing product, but you decide not to tell her because you need the sale. If your customer later finds out about that other product, what will you say and do to retain or regain her confidence in you as a sales counselor?

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