URS Corporation Company

URS Corporation is one of the leading engineering companies in United States of America. Situated in San-Francisco, California, this company is ranked in the fortune list of Americas 500 largest firms and one of the top four companies for over a decade (DATAMONITOR 4). URS is known worldwide as among the best engineering companies which helped to construct the State-Of-The-Art Holcim Cement one of the outstanding and prosperous global cement companies (Acconci and Craig 15).

Being an engineering company, it gives me an opportunity to be considered by recruiters because the company’s activities functions within my academic field. I graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from (insert school) school of engineering who has done internship in different engineering companies. I believe this background gives me an ideal chance to be considered as one of the employees of URS Corporation. The company has potential employees who work hard to ensure the growth of the firm (Ding and Xin 340). Working hard has been my driving force to where I am, hence. I believe I am suitable to be one of the URS Corporation employees.


Cover Letter

(Insert Date)

Human Resource,

URS Corporation

8 Lowes Alley

Steubenville, OH 43952


Dear Sir,

Following the advertisement of a job vacancy at your company, I am, hereby, writing to express my interest in the mechanical engineering position as a mechanic for heavy machines.

After reading the information about URS Corporation Company, I believe it has the ideal culture which I can utilize to pursue my goals of becoming a responsible and innovative engineer. At the same time, I can contribute to the outstanding performance of the firm that has persisted since the year 1902. The historic achievements and performances of URS Corporation such as construction of the State-Of-The-Art Holcim cement make it a good place where long-term career goals and experiences can be attained.

I has always been my hobby to work on cars since I was young, so I pursued a profession as a mechanic. Academically, I completed a program in diesel technology where I attained an associate degree. I also acquired the experience of dealing with heavy machines through a trade school where I practiced how to repair and diagnose many problems that occur with such heavy equipment.

My experience comprises repairing brake systems, fuel pumps, transmissions, and electrical systems and controls. I have also gained experience in changing tires, oil, and filters, and adjust the fluid levels to maintain proper functioning of such machines. I have skills in solving difficult problems that may cause any form of malfunctioning in an engineering machine. I am also familiar with filling out maintenance logs, have a CDL license, and, therefore, can test the machines after repairing to ensure they are properly functioning.

I believe that I can attain the required performance skills within your company and facilitate the overwhelming performance of this firm as a mechanic through my hard work. I hope my application will be given due consideration, and I look forward to meeting you and arranging for an interview at a mutually convenient time.

Please call (insert phone number) to arrange for the interview.



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URS Corporation Company

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