Scholarship Application

More often than not, most ambitious students face obstacles in their educational journey and are hindered from achieving their personal dreams. This is unfortunate, especially when they are highly gifted and responsible. One of such hurdles is financial inability, a factor that affects a good portion of students, especially during these hard economic times. I happen to fall under this bracket, but am greatly motivated and determined to succeed. I still dream big and yearn for greater academic achievement. However, the challenge before me is big; I need help.

Diligent and enthusiastic as I am, I hereby apply for an academic scholarship to pursue a degree in Law after completing my current program (Bachelor of Arts in Political Science-Lenoir-Rhyne University), hopefully by the end of this year. My application is prompted by my needy nature as I hail from a poor background. More precisely, much of the support I have been receiving in education and other spheres of life have come from my single mother and selfless sister. My father has never played any active role, financial or otherwise, in my life. My mother, made redundant sometime back after twenty years of service, is now a part-time nursery school teacher and does not earn much. However, her little savings and pension have been central in catering for my education. Still, I do not think she would have managed on her own had it been not for the support and sacrifice of my sister. In the same regard, scholarships previously awarded by the Bermuda government have been integral in my educational success thus far. They helped me to evade the path of violence and crime, a phenomenon common amongst young black males who are unable to get an education.

I have performed exceptionally well in academics, as can be supported by my excellent grades in Chemistry, Physics and Political Science. I have also done well in Spanish and Performing Arts. Away from grades, I have a great personality and am a gifted leader, crucial traits necessary in the legal profession. I am articulate and possess great confidence in the public stage. My social skills cannot be disputed, since my interaction with my tutors and fellow students has proved how influential I can be. I am always determined to shine in whatever I do. For instance, my participation in soccer has seen people gain confidence in me, trusting me always as the Starting Goalkeeper. This is the case presently in Lenoir-Rhyne University school team, just as it is usually when I turn up for my home country. I have won many awards in this respect.

The scholarship will boost my chances of success and bring me closer to achieving my dream of establishing myself as a successful lawyer. The close relation of this discipline with my current field of study will be an added advantage. Already, I have gained exposure and some experience attained during my position as a legal intern in the summers of 2012 and 2013. In that capacity, I was, among other things, able to comprehensively analyze and compare previous and present court cases, often drawing brilliant conclusions. Assisting lawyers in reviewing and summarizing legal documents was pivotal in my internship period, as this gave me firsthand experience. It made me want to study law more.

This, I believe, will help me move a step closer towards getting a real chance to give back to the community. The volunteer and charity work I have been doing is not enough; I desire to do more, even in my capacity as a successful practitioner in the legal industry. My mother and sister would not feel more appreciated if I succeeded in this regard. It is my hope that my case will be given immense consideration.

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