Personal Interests

The journey towards discovering one’s personal likes, dislikes and interests is filled with intrigues as well as disappointments. More often than not, we think we are incapable of doing something great for our communities and families until we try. It is at that moment that we prove ourselves wrong and from there henceforth, our brains are propelled into becoming successful and icons of success of which our families and communities dreamt. These lessons have been handy in my quest for self-discovery. Personally my road to maturity has been a tough one because of my adventurous spirit which has led me into doing many things. I had not discovered my liking for politics until when my parents hinted me into taking a try. Reflecting back on the flow of events before their recommendations, I was a fun of political magazines and newspaper segments that contained lots of debates and politics. Again my prowess in debate might have been another pointer towards my interests in politics.

Apart from being a great debater in high school, I have enjoyed holding leadership positions both at clubs and at youth functions because apparently that is my calling and I can hardly detach myself from it. The good thing with being a leader is that I have, on many occasions, used my position to influence the lives of many people. First of all, such positions have given me an opportunity to mentor youths into becoming responsible members of their respective communities. Secondly, it has given me an advantage of associating with great leaders and debtors which I guess will be a great asset in my studying political science. The attainment of these two objectives has been tied to my liking for servant leadership where I use such positions to serve other instead of practicing authority over them. Again, I have utilized the opportunities to fight for the rights of the less privileged in our student communities.

Academic interests

Bearing in mind that NYU has enjoyed a great reputation of mentoring students into successful careers as well as job creators, I would definitely like to be a part of their virtuous history. Given this noble opportunity, I would embrace it not as a joy rider but as a person capable of participating in team work and community practices. Additionally, I will ensure that I embrace the opportunities provided by the school of social sciences to gain much knowledge in my area of specialization, which is political science. New York University Abu Dhabi campus would be my most preferred choice because it is a primary campus closest to my area of residence. I also enjoy studying away and that is one reason I prefer NYU University since it is considerate to international students and also provides online learning options for students who might not be capable of attending to classroom lectures.

Apart from the NYU curriculum which has been famed for producing all round students capable of competing actively in the global job market, I believe that joining the university will be an asset towards attaining my academic interests which among them is nurturing my talent into becoming a global transformative servant leader. The academic programs provided at the university will also enable me to develop my intercultural understanding and appreciation for other people because this is a basic ingredient to my career. I also appreciate that majoring in political science will be essential in introducing me to a wider view of my career interests relating to political thinking.

October 2, 2018

Personal Interests

Personal Interests The journey towards discovering one’s personal likes, dislikes and interests is filled with intrigues as well as disappointments. More often than not, we think […]

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