San Francisco film

Write about a San Francisco film noir of your own choosing.

Critically discuss race, place, and exclusion with regard to the history of the Fillmore and/or Japantown.

Using Women and the Everyday City, critically discuss the construction of gender in relation to SF modernism(s).

Discuss Hitchcock’s Vertigo in relation to any of the major themes discussed in the course and connect it with our discussion of the cultural life of the city. For this assignment, I will allow you to use any of the assigned video essays as a critical source. 5. Critically discuss the riot at Compton’s Cafeteria and its importance to SF culture. Use Arresting Dress as a scholarly source somewhere in your paper (at least one quote).

Critically discuss Arresting Dress and the history of cross-dressing in 19th century SF.

Critically discuss the film Forbidden City U.S.A.




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