Sap system software applied on a business

You are required to act as a functional manager (HR, Accounting or Logistics managers etc.) at Zumorod (or a business of your choice) and deliver a written report to your CIO with trending INFORMATION management system recommendations. Industry: Company Profile: Business Situation: CIO Requirements: Event Management (OR an industry of your choice) Zumorod, (OR a business of your choice) based in Bahrain is a professional, full-service corporate event planning company. The Zumorod team bring talent, enthusiasm and experience to the planning and management of corporate special events, training conferences, conventions, hospitality events, and tradeshows worldwide. In today’s world technology is growing at a constant rapid pace and businesses are expanding on a major scale. Your CIO is looking to stay on top of emerging INFORMATION Management (IM) trends in your industry and is sending you to a top tech conference in California. The CIO has blown the travel budget with first class air tickets and five-star hotel accommodations for you as a valuable member of the management team. On return from the conference, write a concise report (700 words) to represent a critical analysis with recommendations that evaluate two trending “integrated INFORMATION Management (IM) systems”, and their role in creating a corporate sustainable environment.








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