Saudi Tax Law

Question: 1

Explain the followings in your own words: (2 Marks)

a. Define and discuss persons subject to tax in accordance with the Saudi Tax Law?

b. How many types of tax systems are imposed in the KSA?


Question 2

“As we know that Saudi Arabian government imposing different types of taxes on commodities, services as well as residency”

Required: Explain and discuss the above sentence. You answer should differentiate betweenselective commodities tax and value added tax. Answer in your OWN words. (2 Marks).


Question 3

A resident capital company has both Saudi and non-Saudi shareholders and its capital is divided between them equally. Net income for 2019 was 3,000,000 SR and was adjusted according to the tax rules applicable in the kingdom is 3,200,000 SR. (1 Marks)


  1. Compute the tax amount to be paid by the company.
  2. Compute the tax amount to be paid by non-Saudi shareholders assuming that dividends paid in cash of 1,000,000 SR.


Sample Solution