School improvement plan

You have just been made principal of a failing school. There is no collegiality among teachers and the morale of the staff is at an all time low. The union representatives are militant and the School Advisory Team seldom reaches consensus without a struggle. You obtain a copy of an evaluation of the previous principal. At the end of the year, you will be evaluated using the same instrument. You have one year to improve conditions in your school.
Candidates will develop a school improvement plan that requires that the candidates analyze the scenario of a “broken” school climate that results from the previous administrator’s communication style. Also, candidates will receive other data, such as the demographics of the school, the current school grade issued by the state and information that this school is a Title 1 school. Using current scenario data, the candidate prepares a needs’ assessment, defines improvement objectives, targets specific improvements, and designs a plan to improve what appears to be broken in the school. This assignment requires candidates to use the William Cecil Golden School Leadership Development Program as they research this issue.



Sample Solution