Science and Technology approach.

The Scenario:
You have been asked, as a teacher team leader to develop a resource that will
assist teachers in bringing Indigenous perspectives to their classes by using a
Science and Technology approach.
This resource will focus an Indigenous knowledge and the
technology/engineering used to provide a solution to a problem. You will need to
research an Indigenous solution to a problem, then present this solution, with one
scientific investigations (testing variables), and a student evaluation activity as
part of the resource.
You are also required to demonstrate linking of science, mathematics and
technology content descriptions from the Australian Curriculum.
Your presentation will contain,
Research and synthesis of the relevant literature to present a statement
of a problem and anindigenous technological solution
Demonstrations of linking of the content descriptions through
concept map or any othervisualisation,
Scientific investigation for teachers to use in their classrooms to highlight
design, construction,materials, variables, and mathematical aspects of the
technological solution,
An outline of a formative or summative evaluation activity that might be
used with the teachingresource, and
A bibliography

Sample Solution