Science education in some parts of the U.S

A persistent hot-button issue about science education in some parts of the U.S. is the debate about teaching creationism in the classroom. As your textbook explains, evolution is a scientific theory (refer to chapter 1 for the difference between a theory and an hypothesis) that is accepted by the global scientific community as the best available explanation for the origin of species. By comparison, creationism is an explanation for the origin of life and the origin of species that relies upon supernatural phenomena rather than natural phenomena.

It is worth noting that many scientists are religious in nature and have found ways to reconcile evolution with their faith if they diverge; obviously, this is a very personal matter. On the flip side, many religious individuals question the literal nature of the Judeo-Christian creation story and the existence of figures like Adam and Eve.

Task: Do some research on the teaching of both creationism and evolution in the science classroom. Do you think that both topics should be taught in the science classroom? Why or why not?





































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