Science Question

Identify two description of classification for Commercial Motor Vehicle.
Identify two classifications of a Farm Custom Operation not covered under DOT.
What is Interstate Commerce determined by?
Identify three types of drugs or other substances drivers are not allowed to take.
What is the prohibited alcohol concentration for a driver?
Identify the requirement for refusal to submit to alcohol and drug testing.
Identify the four types of required drug testing.
Identify the three types of activities that would result I a refusal to submit alcohol or drug test.
What is the company consequence for refusal?
Identify the requirement for alcohol and substance abuse that would remove driver from service.
According to new FMCSA rules what is the maxim allowed driving time for driver in one week.
Identify three of the classifications that considers a driver to be on duty.
Explain the requirement to conform to speed limits.
Explain the requirement for sopping at railroad crossings.
Explain the requirement for hazard warning signal flashers.
Explain the requirement for unauthorized person in transport.
Explain the requirement for radar detectors.
Explain the requirement for texting.
Explain the requirement for hand-held mobil phone.
Explain the seat belt requirement.
What is the minimum age requirement for a commercial driver?
What is the requirement for driver road test?
What is the requirement for company to receive copy of motor vehicle driver’s record?
Identify three areas of truck that must be inspected prior to operation.
What agency regulates transportation of hazardous material in interstate or interstate commerce?

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