Scientific method

  1. Exam assignment research design
    Below you find the introduction to a scientific article that reports on a study of the use of external scientists to solve R&D problems in firms. Your task is to analyze the way the authors formulate their research problem, using Van de Ven (2007). In particular, you can draw upon chapter 3 in your analysis. Also state an argument whether you approve to the way the authors formulated their research problem or not. Your discussion should be no longer than 500 words.

Article: Bradach, J. L. (1997). Using the plural form in the management of restaurant chains. Administrative Science Quarterly, 42: 276-303

  1. Exam assignment qualitative methods
    Based on the methods literature and your own experience with working with qualitative data and analysis, discuss the benefits and drawbacks of qualitative data analysis and coding according to the proposed ”Gioia method” (as for instance discussed in the Gioia, Corley and Hamilton, 2013, paper). Discuss the following (Maximum 750 words total):

a) What are the main opportunities provided by the Gioia method for coding and analyzing qualitative data in the social sciences? Draw on the Gioia paper but also other methods literature to argue for this approach.

b) What are the major drawbacks of this approach to analyzing and coding qualitative data? Reference methods literature to argue for your answer.

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