Security management

Considering the information form the required readings for this week, select a specific
location at your current place of employment (another location if necessary) and describe the employed IDS
devices that protect both the perimeter and interior spaces of a specific building or site (ensure your answer is
stated so as not to indicate a real, specific building due to security concerns). Your response should allow the
reader to visualize the setting and each IDS device. Finally, offer your findings and recommendations for
improvements. Submission of simple drawings using Paint, PowerPoint or another program is strongly
encouraged to support your response. If they are included attach them as a file.
Be sure to:

  1. Describe the location of the identification system utilized and why you believe the particular system/device in
    use was chosen for the specific location.
  2. Relate whether another identification card or device would better perform the access control function at each
    described site.
  3. Are there any locations, not currently secured by identification systems/devices, that you would recommend
    a particular card or device? If so, please explain.
  4. Would a second card or device, for increased security, be warranted at any currently controlled location?

Sample Solution