Selecting a Population Health Problem

As you Know, promoting positive social change is a part of the Walden mission- To be an effective agent for social change, nurses must be able to
logically and critically analyze population health issues using epidemiologic concepts, and then communicate insights in a succinct and professional
For this Assignment, you will examine a health problem of interest to you, and you will develop a brief paper (1-2 pages) outlining the significance of
the health problem and describing it in terms of person, place, and time- This outline will help your Instructor determine if the topic you selected is
appropriate for the Major Assessment paper.
Prepare for Assignment 1 as follows:
-Review the Major Assessment Overview.
-Determine a population health problem that is viable for completing this paper. You may use the problem you identified in the Week 1, 2, or Week 3
Discussion, or you may select a new one-
-Determine the characteristics of the health problem in terms of person, place, and time-
-Using the Walden Library and credible websites, conduct additional research on your selected population health problem- Consider the significance
of this health problem-
-Examine how Healthy People 2020, listed in the Learning Resources, supports the importance of addressing your selected health problem-
-Develop a preliminary research question or hypothesis appropriate for your topic-
To complete:
Write a 1page paper that addresses the following:
-Describe the population health problem in terms of person, place, and time-
-From the primary research literature and Healthy People 2020, briefly explain the significance of this health problem-
-Include your preliminary research question or hypothesis-




Sample Solution