Self portrait

create a 5-10 minute presentation that conveys the essence of their “self” through art. At least 5 works should be chosen. You will need to

present the art (via narrated PowerPoint, narrated Prezi, or video), MAKE SURE IT IS FULLY NARRATED AND ON AUTO PLAY so the viewer doesn’t have to click on every slide. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create your PowerPoint with the embedded narration and all transitions and then export it as a video.
tell us about the art (artist, when it was created, define the type of art, gives us some context about how it was created)
explain how/why it represents you
identify a social angle for each work AND do a thorough contextual analysis
race and ethnicity
gender and sexuality
class and highbrow/lowbrow
colonialism, postcolonialism, place and regionalism
nature (environment, ecology) and culture
memory, history, generational identity
food culture
body and mind

Sample Solution