Visit the U.S. Sentencing Commission (USSC) on the Web at: Review the most recent publications and reports to Congress available at that site and identify the current issues in federal sentencing. List and describe these issues. Also view the USCC employment opportunities listed at the site and summarize the information about the Judicial Fellows Program.
Sentencing varies greatly from crime to crime. Conduct online research into 3 similar crimes that occurred in 3 different states. Read into the cases and the sentencing for each. Then write a short description of each crime that includes the sentencing. Then explain why the sentencing was different for each crime (if it was) and whether you agree with it.
Describe the five goals of contemporary criminal sentencing. Which of these goals do you think ought to be the primary goal of sentencing? How might your choice vary with the type of offense? In what circumstances might your choice be less acceptable?
Describe the history of victims’ rights in the US. What role does the victim play in criminal justice proceedings today? Do you think the victim should have a greater role? Explain your answer.

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