SEO Keywords research

For this assignment, you can choose any business, existing or fictional. Keep in mind, you will be further
building on your keyword research and creating an SEO strategy for this business in your final project.
Your goal for this assignment is to determine which strategic keywords to target in your website’s content. You
will go through the keyword research process from determining what questions to ask, finding valuable
keywords, and generating long tail keywords to further increase your chances of ranking.
Note: You will not be required to create any content for the chosen keywords in this assignment.
When complete, your research should allow you to answer the following questions:
• What are people searching for?
• How many people are searching for it?
• In what format do they want that information?
Firstly, prior to conducting the keyword research, you will compile at least three questions that will help gain a
better understanding of the customers and their needs.
You will then conduct your primary keyword research. Using the questions determined earlier, compile a list of
useful distinct keywords (minimum 3) that should be targeted in your content. Remember to choose
appropriate keywords that provide a good value. You don’t always want to pick the keyword with the highest 2/3
volume. Make sure to justify your choice of keywords. Include a screenshot or metrics of similar keywords and
indicate why you made your selection.
You will then use your chosen keywords and generate long tail keywords (minimum 3) using the primary
keyword allowing you to further increase your ranking. Similar to the previous section, justify your choice using
any assets required.
Finally, you will determine what type of format best suits the searcher’s intent and what type of content can be
triggered on the SERP landscape. Discuss how this can be utilized to your benefit and how this should alter
your keyword research strategy.

Sample Solution