Sexism in the music industry

  1. Briefly outline your selection- name what you selected, provide a synopsis, and provide a brief description on what ‘ism’ you are looking at- how does this relate to what we have discussed in class and what ism is your selection trying to present through the narrative? What comes up in the narrative?
  2. Critique how the ism is presented- How is the ism presented and then provide a critique on what may have been presented well, what may have been problematic, are there pieces you feel as though are missing? Did the content present a micro, mezzo and macro level of the injustice or experience? How was this achieved? What was the purpose of this presentation? What was the goal of the writing/show?
  3. What are the implications for social work practice in this piece?
    I just need the last question answered. I have attached the first part of my paper.

Sample Solution