Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale”

Each of the six plays we have read explores the fine, unstable line between comedy and tragedy in ways that are similar as well as distinct.
The Winter’s Tale is similar to The Comedy of Errors in that a family divided by tragedy is reunited at the end and a woman plays a significant role in the
reunion. It differs in that a natural disaster–a shipwreck in a storm causes the family separation in The Comedy of Errors whereas in The Winter’s Tale the
tragedy is caused by Leontes’s childish, but nevertheless wreckless and dangerous jealousy. The human causation in The Winter’s Tale and the distance of
time and place create at more complex comic resolution in that play. For each of the other five plays we have read find a point of similarity with The Winter’s
Tale and also explain how that point differs. Be sure to focus your comparison on our course theme–the fine, unstable line between comedy and tragedy.

Sample Solution