Shepparton field trip report

Field Trip Shepparton >>1,200- 1300-word report 2- please focus on: a. Rurality, culture and identity – how should notions of rurality be reconciled with realities of multi-functional landscapes, divergent trajectories of social and economic change and the predominance of urban cultures in the lived experience of most Australians? What of the flows of new migrants into the town and region? Who are they? What difference does multi-diversity make to community life? b. Place-making and economic development –Notions of place, once bound up in local economic strengths have often given way to constructed place-identities that often seek approval from external, metropolitan audiences. How should we critique responses to a post-industrial or post-agricultural community life? What is the current socio-economic profile of the area – is socio-economic inequality growing? (how do you measure it?) c. Nature, community and economic transformation – The role of natural capital and resources – particularly water – is central to the understanding of the value of place-identity and economic life in the Murray River region. Thecompetingnotionsofhowthisresourceisbestusedpervadethesenseofcommunityvalueand economic future. Can these conflicts be resolved and what are the competing future roles of these communities? 3- finding in the Additional materials the locations and some links that may be helpful .

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