Sick around the world

Imagine you are a US policymaker who is given the task to come up with three solutions to solve three
problems in the current US healthcare. Provide a detailed explanation of each problem. Feel free to use
personal anecdotal examples and from evidence you have researched.
You will identify the three problems.
You must be able to explain why as a policymaker you need to solve these problems (think about the time you
directly experienced or indirectly experienced the problems).
Also, include any background information you learned about the problems from your own research and from
class lectures.
Based on the “sick around the world” video you’ve watched, outline possible solutions to each of the
challenges you have identified. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the solutions you selected and
clearly indicate from which country’s healthcare it is adapted from.
You must also explain any applicable limitations you may face as a policymaker when trying to implement the
proposed solutions for the three challenges.
Remember that you must explain all healthcare terms.
Textbook Reference is denoted as: The Health Care Handbook, Author: Askin/Moore, Publisher: Washington
U. – St. Louis, Edition: 2nd, Year Published: 2016.

Sample Solution