Write your own persuasive sentence(s) using logos, ethos, pathos.
Your sister is on a diet but you want her to try your cookies.

Sample Answer

Sample Answer


Thesis Statement: Encouraging my sister to try my cookies, despite being on a diet, can be a delightful and permissible indulgence that not only satisfies her taste buds but also allows for a balanced approach to her wellness journey.

Logos: Incorporating a small portion of homemade cookies into your diet can be a mindful treat that fits within your daily caloric intake. By carefully monitoring your portions and balancing them with nutritious meals, you can still enjoy the pleasure of a sweet snack without compromising your dietary goals.

Ethos: As your sister, I have always supported and respected your commitment to a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of mindful eating. By offering you my homemade cookies, I aim to provide a wholesome and loving gesture that respects your choices while also sharing a moment of joy and connection through a shared experience.

Pathos: Picture the warmth and happiness that a bite of freshly baked cookies can bring, evoking fond memories and moments of comfort shared between us. Indulging in a treat together can create a sense of closeness and joy, enriching our bond as siblings and allowing for moments of relaxation and pleasure amidst the rigors of daily routines. Your decision to enjoy a small taste of my cookies can be a source of joy and connection that transcends mere dietary restrictions, fostering a sense of togetherness and love within our relationship.



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