Skip Downing’s “Creator Mindset”

Responding to Skip Downing’s “Creator Mindset” — Understanding Your Personal Power to Take Charge of Your Life

Begin by reading pages 39-49 from Chapter Two from Skip Downing’s book, On Course, called “Accepting Personal Responsibility,” then respond to the prompt below.
Skip Downing has been inspiring students to recognize the power each of us has to control our own lives for many years. I have assigned similar chapters to students before, but this new version includes more information and ideas. Right now, many of us feel that life is controlling us rather than the other way around. This Chapter will show you how much power YOU have within to create a mindset that empowers you and makes your life better. I think this is the perfect time for all of us to use Downing’s Chapter as a Critical Thinking Activity to understand ourselves on a deeper level.
Assignment 1:

  1. What do you think about the ideas Downing explains on pages 40-47? Which stand out to you, and why? Can you relate to any of it?
  2. On your own, respond to the Journal Questions at the bottom of Page 47. You may either post your answers, or you may keep those for yourself and just comment about them in a more general way here. Did your answers surprise you?
    Respond to other people’s responses.

Sample Solution