Small-Business Opportunities With the Navy

Imagine that you are the owner of a small floor refinishing business that provides a specialty coating product for ceramic tile and
marble floors. There is no other local flooring business that provides this service. Having recently received a patent on your product,
you are ready to expand your business by competing for Navy contracts at the local base, which is located a few miles away. The
services you want to sell are the specialty coating, the application of the coating, and a regular maintenance schedule. Your company
consists of you, one office assistant, and two production employees.
Note: You will be referencing this business throughout all three assignments for this course. Please use “First Name, Last Name, Inc.”
as the name of your company throughout these assignments.
Write a 3–4 page paper in which you do the following:
Develop your company’s acquisition and planning strategy for obtaining a contract.
Analyze the manner in which utilizing The GSA SmartPay Program or a similar program in electronic contracting will assist your
company and the Navy. Provide a rationale for your response.
Go to the Strayer University Online Library to locate at least three quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other related websites do…

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