Small Group and Team Communication

What is unique about small groups and teams from other types of groups? What are the similarities and differences among the theoretical perspectives?

Answer the following questions:
Who were the participants of the team and the group?How was each formed? Is this typical for team and group formations? Explain.What differences were there between theteam and the group dynamics? Why?How might these experiences be different for a virtual team or group? What unique characteristics are there for a virtual team or group?In each team and group, how did members take on roles?What norms were developed in the team and group? How did these develop? Explain.Were there status differences within the team and the group? Why or why not? What effect did this have on the group performance?Identify at least three interpersonal needs as noted by Maslow and Schutz (as cited in Beebe & Masterson, 2015) that were met through the team or group experiences. Explain why the team or group experiences met these needs.What is y workin•in teams and small •rows?

Sample Solution