Soap Note

Create a Soap Note on a Sick Adult Patient
Identifying Data: Age, Gender, Occupation, and Marital Status
Source and Reliability:
S: Subjective:
Chief complaint or appropriate health screening visit:
The one or more symptoms or concerns causing the patient to seek care. Need not be the patient’s complete
statement – may be a brief summary of reason patient wanted to be seen for this visit. Typically, in quotations
and is in patient’s own words (if able).
Complete subjective description of problem, including “OLDCARTS” findings or similar, including location,
quality severity, duration, timing, context, modifying factors, associated signs/symptoms, relieving and
aggravating factors, related systems.
Medications, including OTC and Herbals Preparation
Past Medical History:
Allergies – medications, food, environmental or seasonal. What type of allergic reaction(s) do they have with
Childhood Illnesses – Chicken pox, Rheumatic fever, Rubella, Measles, and Mumps
Adult Illnesses
Current and previous, when were they diagnosed or approximately how long have they been diagnosed
Health Maintenance
Immunization status – DPT, MMR, Influenza, Hepatitis, Polio, and Pneumovax
Dental Exams (frequency and treatment)
Last eye exam (include results)
SBE/Pap/GYN/mammogram (include results)
Testicular/rectal exam (include results)
DEXA scan
Any other maintenance the patient may have completed
Family History:
Include presence or absence of specific illnesses in family such as
hypertension, diabetes, or cancer
Personal and Social History:
Educational level 
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Personal interests
Lifestyle – exercise and diet
Older Adults – ADLs and iADLs
Review of Systems:
Pertinent positives and negatives in the differential diagnosis. May include 10+ body systems or can contain
focused areas.
O: Objective:
Vital Signs
Blood Pressure
BMI including normal, overweight, obese, morbidly obese
Physical Examination
Specific systems as appropriate. As the ROS, may include all body systems or may contain focused areas.
Diagnostic Tests
This is the last component of the objective area. Should include any laboratory or other diagnostic tests. List
name of test, then result(s).

Sample Solution