Social action proposal

Write a complete 2000-word social action proposal, using the major sections developed in previous modules to contribute to this document. To meet the 2000-word limit, you will need to carefully edit your proposal, organize your findings, and reduce redundant information. Include the following major sections in your proposal:

Introduction: Briefly introduce your proposal, including a thesis statement that outlines the purpose of the proposal document.

Assessment: Describe the problem/need using data that you collected from the literature, public sources, and stakeholders.

Intervention: Provide a description of the proposed community/organizational intervention including incorporation of stakeholders.

Evaluation: Discuss your plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention.

Termination and Follow-up: Your plan for termination and follow-up. Include, when appropriate, how you might use community/organizational partners to help sustain the change effort.

Summary: Provide an overview of the project, including content that you presented in the proposal, and a justification for how the macro social worker is positioned uniquely to help meet the social problem/need.

Sample Solution