Social Determinants of Health

1. Describe the “social determinants of health” and how they relate to issues of health inequities and social justice.

2. Describe the channels/mechanisms through which the social determinants of health influence the health of a population.

3. How should theories and definitions of “power” guide us in our approach to improving the publics’ health?

4. Explain how gender can produce health inequities.

5. At what stage of the life course would a public health practitioner seek to intervene to prevent the greatest amount of illness? Why?

6. Of the following, which would produce the greatest impact on population health if changed: economic disparities; state health policies; community health programs; individual behavioral interventions. Explain your answer.

7. What could you, as a health professional, do about inequities in health? Provide ONE detailed example.

8. Select ONE poor health outcome and ONE behavior that contribute to that health outcome. Describe, in detail, at least one causal pathway from the Social Determinants/root causes of that behavior and outcome AND one evidence-based intervention that is effective in addressing the behavior and outcome.









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