Social Problems

Those who study sociology are interested in both real-world events and in big ideas. But bridging the gap between day-to-day reality and abstract, theoretical thought sometimes poses a challenge. A case study is a conceptual tool that may make this process easier. Think of it as an “example”. It is grounded in actual, really-occurring practices, while also gesturing toward broader theoretical concerns.

Develop a case study centered on a major debate, conflict, or struggle over a significant social issue in contemporary US society. As you undertake this assignment, you will engage in a detailed exploration of a particular event in order to illuminate or make claims about a larger social issue. For the purpose of simplicity and brevity, I recommend that you confine your research to a narrow and clearly-defined time period, and limit your focus to a single occurrence of the social phenomenon in question. Most of your research will be drawn from primary source materials (eg. newspaper articles, websites, flyers, pamphlets, press releases). You may also choose to consult secondary sources relevant to your topic (eg. scholarly articles, books), though this is not required.
Because it is a case study, your paper should be analytical, not merely descriptive.

Sample Solution