Social Work (Australia) final year placement Verbal Item Transcript

Identify and address systemic issues and macro policy Steps.

Choose one aspect of macro policy that affects the work your agency does

Identify one or more relevant policies or debate 4. Address descriptive indicators 1-6 in PS 41 5. When you refer to a policy you will need to reference it but there is not a minimum number of required references 6 Draw a conclusion to your discussion

Understand the impact of systemic influences on practice.

Demonstrates an understanding of the local and wider context in which the organisation operates.

Able to identify relevant legislation. policies and regulations relevant to practice area and whether these are consistent with social work values and principles

Able to analyze the impacts of relevant legislation. policies and regulations on practice

Demonstrates an understanding of current debates. social issues andior politics that impact on the field of practice

Critically reflects on the impact of public debate and the economic. cultural and political environment. on policy and program development and service provision.

Identifies aspects of policy that are inappropriate. inconsistent or inadeouate.























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