Society and Marijuana for Medicinal Purposes

1) identify a newspaper article related to a current event 2) analyze the current event by using a minimum of ten sociological concepts in the text, classroom lectures/discussions and/or readings and 3) use academic journal articles to support your sociological analysis of the current event. A quality analysis will be type-written, be a minimum of seven pages long and include the ten concepts as noted above. Additionally, the paper must include in-text citations from a minimum of four academic articles from social science journals (in addition to the newspaper article (s) as well as the course text. Please be sure to underline your ten sociological concepts. Articles from a reputable online news source are acceptable. Please cite the articles and course text on your reference page. This paper should
follow APA or MLA format (APA preferred) and include an abstract, a cover page and a reference page. The minimum of seven pages does NOT include the cover, abstract and reference pages.

Sample Solution