Sociological approach to health vs Biomedical approach.

Talk about how the sociological aspect of smoking and its effects on people based on social class, age, race, gender.
The prompt is “ As part of the first exam, you are asked to write an analytical essay on the “social” conditions that have contributed to health and disease in the U.S. First, based on Cockerham (2017), explain how the sociological approach to health and disease is different from the conventional biomedical approach. Second, using the sociological approach, explain why a specific health condition of your interest (e.g., mortality rates due to a particular disease) varies by social class, race, OR gender. You must cite relevant theoretical concepts, examples, and empirical evidence introduced in the textbook and other required readings. All in-text citations (approx. 5-10) must be done using double quotation marks such as “… directly cited statement…” (Cockerham 2017:10). ”

Sample Solution