Sociological imagaination applied to the movie of pursuit of happiness

Directions. Watch the video closely then craft an essay response applying the sociological imagination to the film and then to your life.

1. Define the sociological imagination in your own words and explain why this may be a valuable perspective to use in understanding yourself and the world around you.

2. Analyze the life of Chris Gardner (Will Smith) using the sociological imagination (social/cultural/historical context) and discuss some of the things he has control over (personal troubles) and things he has no control over rooted within society (public issues) that define his situation.

3. Apply the sociological imagination to your life

What is the greatest problem you face today?

How can you link your individual problem to larger social forces in society?

How can society create or contribute to your problem?

What can YOU do and what can SOCIETY do to fix the problem?

What can you do to foster the change society needs?








Sample Solution