Write a (3 page paper) in APA-format and include at least five scholarly references. (Your textbook may count as one of these.) Design an ideal workplace by addressing the following topics:

Workplace hierarchies—What can a sociological viewpoint teach us about dominance hierarchies within the workplace? How can such hierarchies be crafted in order to find a balance between workplace stability and employee marginalization?

Workplace culture—In which ways can we see the workplace as its own unique culture, having its own jargon, customs, and rituals? What can we do to cultivate workplace cultures that are more functional for employees?

Distance traveled between work and home—What are the challenges faced by workers all across the world as suburbanization expands and the distance traveled to the workplace increases? Can this be addressed through telecommuting and a more technologically liberated workplace?

Required job skills and training—What can our society do to better equip workers with those important skill sets that enable economic success? How can employers partner with government in terms of cultivating workers with higher levels of skill?

Technology—In which ways has technology made the workplace more productive? What are the possible downsides to an increasingly technological workplace? For example, do we see technology replacing workers or displacing them to lower skilled jobs?

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