This paper assignment gives you an opportunity to use the concepts that you are learning in this chapter to
explore your own life within our society. In this assignment, you will use your sociological imagination to
analyze a personal event or situation. This can be something from the past or something that is currently
happening. Some examples of situations are:
financial struggles (poverty, unemployment)
family relationships and dynamics
balancing school, work and family responsibilities
drug or alcohol use and/or abuse
body image
what is going on currently with the Coronavirus and how it is impacting you and the rest of society.

  1. You should first define and describe the sociological imagination in your own words. In your book, the
    sociological imagination (or sociological perspective) is described starting on page 4 (very beginning of chapter
    1). In your description include how the sociological imagination is important to the field of sociology.
  2. In the next part of your assignment, you will describe your personal event or situation. Be brief here. In your
    description, consider what led up to the situation, its resolution if there was one, who else is involved and what
    their roles are, how do/did you feel, and what choices you made or didn’t make.
  3. In the second half of the assignment, you will analyze your personal event or situation using your
    sociological imagination. How have social forces and historical context affected your situation? Connect your
    personal troubles to larger social issues. Your analysis should consider how your social roles and statuses
    affect your situation. What social factors are in effect (ex: norms, socialization, stratification)? How does your
    identity (ex: race, class, gender) affect your situation?

Sample Solution