For this assignment you are to read the article below and review the “Sociology and Common Sense” section in the “Chapter One Intro to Soc pdf” below (page 6). If you cannot access the link, simply copy it to your browser. As stated in the text, sociologist do not accept something as a fact because “everyone knows it”. Each piece of evidence must be tested and then analyzed against other data. In the article by Eric Klinenberg , the author test the assumption that single people are worst off in terms of social integration compared to people who are in relationships. For this assignment respond to the following questions: a) Are single people more integrated socially than couples?
Your response should be a minimum of three pages. You should cite the article to support your claims as well as any outside sources you reference. The essay should include the following:
a. Summarize the article (minimum a paragraph).
b. Discuss the “Common Sense” assumptions held by society that couples are better off than single people (two minimum a paragraphs).
c. Discuss the findings presented by Klineberg in support of single people integration (two minimum a paragraphs).
d. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s conclusion (minimum a paragraph).
Article Link Below:

For this writing assignment the essay should follow the following format. The top left hand corner of the paper should have your Name, Assignment One : Sociology and Common Sense, Introduction to Sociology, and the date. The essay should have the following:
• be a minimum of three pages
• typed double space 12 pt font
• in the Times New Roman format
• be a Word Document.

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