Sociology Benefits

1 What is Sociology and what are the benefits of learning this? There is so much Sociology that the research fits into three theoretical approaches. What do these approaches do for a person’s thinking and which do you see the most in this society?

2 Define culture and explain all the things that make it up, use one of the four socializers to explain how we get our culture. How do we learn our patterns of interaction? Explain status.

3 As we look at socialization, there are specific areas where both psychology and sociology together. George Herbert Meade gave the psychological/social view of socialization. What does he say and what three ideas of what he says are visible to you today?

4 Define deviance. How are laws and norms connected? Give the thinking of Durkheim and Merton. How do they explain the deviance and how can deviance understood under the labeling theory? How is criminal justice a formal reaction to deviance?

5 What types of groups and organizations are you most involved in? Out of these, give examples of how you are involved in two groups and two organization. Has your behavior been effect by the McDonaldization of Society, in what ways?

6 Explain how race is a socially constructed idea in this society. What is the difference between race and ethnicity and where did these ideas come about? What would have to change to have this concept of race change?

7 Pick two of the six explained social institutions. Explain how you are involved with two and what they are actually doing for you in this society. Be detailed.

8 What are the issues that people have created surrounding urbanization and the environment and what types of things might improve society’s situation?. Explain the Malthusian Theory and why this is still an issue in the world today. (Hint- Modernization and Dependency Theories are used to explain global stratification have been used to explain some of what might happen)

Sample Solution