Sociology Internship Reflection

Paragraph 1. Write the paper as first student, someone who works in the House of Representatives. (for a congress person or representative). Answer the below questions thinking you work in the House of Representative an an intern. Think that you work as an intern in a representative’s office. Use sociological perspective to answer below questions.

Paragraph 2. Their mission and how that reflects either a social problem (Gusfield reading) I have it in the attachment. Use a quote from there and highlight it in green. Use 2 quotes to support your sociological connection to your internship.

Paragraph 3. Some basic social processes, social acts that you are observing at your site. These should be sufficiently general as to be a sociological concept

Paragraph 4. Your role at the organization and how that situates you to conduct participant observation research.

Paragraph 5. use this section to introduce a specific research topic that has caught your interest as a result of your initial observations at your site. This would be something that you may not directly observe, but maybe is spoken of or has to do with your organizations broader aim and which you would like to write a research paper for your final paper.

Sample Solution