Sociology questions

Watch both videos:

  1. Describe Devah Pager’s social experiment on racism, criminal record, and employment opportunities. In other words, what was done as part of her study? (approximately 200 words)
  2. Evaluate the design and methodology of Pager’s study. In other words, do you think that way in which designed her experiment can truly capture information and yield insights about her research question? Why or why not? (approximately 200 words)
  3. What were the main results of Pager’s study? How does Devah Pager explain the actions of employers? (approximately 200)
  4. Based on your study of course materials and your own opinion, does Devah Pager’s study accurately assess racial and ethnic inequality in contemporary America? Why or why not? Be sure to support your answers with specific examples from at least two academic sources. (approximately 300-400 words)

Sample Solution